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HOWTO list all my functions in CSharp (C#) using FunctionList

If you could not find your functions in the list from C# class, it is possible that not exists correct language parsing rule. Click on picture to zoom out it and create similar rule in "Language Parsing Rules" dialog. Add new group for C# language and name it METHOD.

Function Begin: \w*[\s\*]*
Function List Name: \w+\s*[\s\*]*
Function End: \(.*\)
Body Begin: \{
Body End: \}
Body Begin to Body End: \{

by the way you can use the same trick for Java language.

If you are looking for method list of class in C# check also here.
It will NOT help to folding and unfolding blocks of code like Eclipse, but you can quickly navigate through code.


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Obsolete. Please checknew post!

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